Megan is a mother of five children, four of whom she and her husband adopted at differing ages. They have been foster/adoptive parents for over 18 years and have gained much experience in crisis management and have learned to enjoy every moment. Her philosophy is that every day is an adventure and every challenge an opportunity to grow and make a difference. She currently has four teenagers, a 9 year old and two grandchildren, and loves family time! She earned a Master's Degree in Social Work along with a clinical license (LCSW). 

Focus Issues

Health Care

When we are healthy, when our children and elderly populations are healthy and can afford their medication, sick visits and preventative care visits, then we all benefit as a society. We have more adults who can join the workforce and care for their families, we have more children attending school and learning how to become future leaders, and future contributors to making our nation successful.


A comprehensive approach to meeting our children's needs will ensure a better tomorrow for everyone. Educated children become the scientists, doctors, educators, builders and parents of tomorrow. The quality of their education will determine how qualified they are to fill these positions. Well educated children will be able to cure diseases,  solve complex issues and accomplish greater things than previous generations because they will build on the knowledge base that is already there. An investment in education is important for everyone.

Environment Clean Air

When we breathe clean air the quality of our lives is improved. Many people are significantly affected by poor air quality. Toxins affect our lungs and bodies negatively and the developing bodies of babies in the womb. Working together to improve air quality and reduce toxins benefits us all. I believe that each of us has an opportunity and responsibility to care for the world around us. Whether it is picking up a piece of garbage that has been discarded, planting a tree, taking care of an animal or caring for a plot of land, our caring stewardships make the world better for us, those around us and future generations.

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Why is your voice important: 

You have a unique way of looking at the world. Your life experiences bring a perspective that can help others . Megan will listen and hear what you have to say.

Working together to make a difference:

Reaching across the political aisles to make things happen can be done, it just takes the right person to make this happen. Megan is that person. 

Getting things done!

Megan is NOT a one issue candidate. She will work tirelessly to accomplish our goals! Working responsibly, doing what makes sense and making things happen are qualities she brings to the position.

Let's get together and Make a Difference!

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